The links to Hugo Award Finalists I’ve reviewed

Hi all! I was finding it hard to keep track of the different reviews I’ve done for Hugo Award finalists, so I decided to make a post that’s only that. Also I can stick it to the top of my blog which will be easier on everyone.

I will NOT be updating the Hugo Finalists Reaction post anymore. I may still update the Hugo’s Are Coming! post but it has a bunch of extra stuff that isn’t relevant to the finalists, so I didn’t want to stick it to the top of the blog.

I’ll just update this as I go. If you don’t see a title (or more likely whole category) listed here, but it is listed on the 2021 Hugo Awards website it’s because I haven’t read/watched/played and reviewed it yet. This page will have more links as time goes on. Enjoy!

Best novel:

Best Short Story:

Best Series:

Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book:

Astounding Award for Best New Writer:

Ok. That’s all I’ve managed so far. Thanks for stopping by!

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