Other Writing

Sometimes I write things for reasons that are a little more ‘official’ than blog posts. I think I’ll post them here.


I took a class back in August of 2015 (ARTH359T) about the spectacle of 007 in cinema. It was an amazing class, and besides watching a ton of Bond movies, I ended up writing two papers I’m rather proud of. In the first, entitled James Bond and the Sublime, I managed to analyze the aesthetic of the Sublime within 3 eras of 007 films. You can read it here:


In the second, I managed what (I hope) is a rather insightful comparison of 007 with Sterling Archer from FX’s hit show by the same title (this blog is basically Archer themed so don’t act surprised). I’m really proud of this one as it is, I believe, the only piece of ‘scholarly’ work on the subject (and if you know of others, please list them in the comments). Please enjoy: