What Gods And Goddesses I’d Want to See in a God of War Game Set in Ancient Egypt!

It’s May, and while I should be doing #WyrdAndWonder things on the blog, I stumbled across an article on Gamer Rant doing a sort of “fancast” of gods and historical figures that it would be great to see in a new God of War game set in Ancient Egypt (I did something similar before Marvel/Disney’s Moon Knight came out with 9 Things We Want to See in Marvel’s Moon Knight)

And because I now talk about videogames on this blog, I figured it’d be worth posting some thoughts.

Game Rant’s 6 figures of Egyptian Mythology That Would Be Great For A God of War Game gives us a great place to start, laying out a pretty awesome list including: Ammit, Isis, Set, Sobek, Apophis, and Imhotep.

I would be thrilled to see Kratos face off (or ally with) any of those gods and goddesses, and I love the reasoning the author gave for why such appearances might make sense. However, I couldn’t help but wonder if the developers might actually stay away from these big names considering many already have such memorable depictions associated with them.

As the article mentions, Sobek and Apophis have already made appearances in another extraordinary videogame, Assassin’s Creed Origins (one of my favorites!), and Isis is renown from games like Age of Mythology (another fav!) and Smite.

Of course Imhotep will forever be immortalized in the 1999 film, The Mummy (a third fav!), and Ammit has recently come into the spotlight because of Marvel and Disney+’s outstanding show, Moon Knight.

Side note: If you’re at all curious to see how games like AC: Origins and Age of Mythology have influenced my own writing please check out my ‘influences’ posts, specifically From the Primordial Ooze.

The following list of gods and goddesses are not particularly obscure by any means, however, I don’t have any particularly strong associations with them in other media, so I thought I’d list em and see what people think.

Quick Note on the Setting

As the header image shows, GoW would look amazing just wandering around Egypt, with pyramids in the background, or even getting to explore and solve puzzles within the tombs (ala AC: Origins), however, just as we’ve explored the Greek underworld in the original GoW games, and the realms of Norse mythology which weren’t earth, I think it makes sense that much, or even most of a story set in Egypt would take place journeying through the Duat.

This Egyptian underworld was the path Egyptian souls would travel from their bodies on earth to the Weighing of the Heart, a trial which would decide whether they could pass into the heavenly paradise known as the Field of Reeds (or the Fields of Aaru), or be cursed to walk the earth as a spirit. This journey contained thousands of trials and horrible monsters, thirteen gates and their guardians, and a lake of fire.

Just imagine all the fun that would be for Kratos . . .

Anyway, here’s my list!


Horus is a falcon headed god of the ancient Egyptian pantheon. He often has the epithet “the Avenger” attached to his name, but their are many others which can be used to describe this deity. Probably because he is one of the most important gods within the pantheon.

Perhaps the most famous myth about Horus, is how he slew is uncle Set, after the chaotic god murdered Horus’ father Osiris (the Game Rant article touches briefly on this when they spoke about Isis).

Something that I don’t see often shown in stories involving Horus (probably because it’s confusing as hell), is epithets which denote his age. Horus is known dually as Horus the Younger, a child with a single lock of hair and a finger in his mouth, and Horus the Elder, an adult form of the god who is the son of other Egyptian gods Nut and Geb (in most stories Isis and Osiris are Horus’ parents).

I think it might be fun to play with the concept of two Horuses, one the younger and one the elder. A time travel element could be cool with Kratos training the young Horus to fight Set at the direction of Horus the Elder who came back in time to set Kratos along the path.

There is already a baked in McGuffin with the Eye of Horus.

My only qualm with this whole Isis, Osiris, Horus vs Set drama, is that it may be bit played out. Also, many might still associate the character of Horus with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who played the character in Gods of Egypt.

There aren’t many who enjoyed Gods of Egypt.


If the Horus/Osiris/Isis/Set drama does happen, it would be great to see Set’s wife Nephthys take a more prominent roll. I always feel like she always gets pushed aside, even in the literal myth.


Anubis is just the greatest. I never get tired of seeing this god appear in fiction, no matter how many times I see him (also check out my review of Death Dogs). One of this god’s primary rolls is to help use the scales of Ma’at at the Weighing of the Heart and guide the deceased to the Duat.

Since he’s kinda a grim reaper type of fellow, it would be interesting to see Kratos on his death bed, expecting a Greek or Norse god to take him to his final fate, but instead it is Anubis who calls him into Egypt.

He’s often cited as the son of Nephthys and Set, so he would make a good player in the family drama mentioned above.


A goddess and the literal concept of justice / truth. It seems like most things in ancient Egyptian society stemmed from attempting to keep this in balance with Isfet, the concept of chaos and disorder. Setting Ma’at as an antagonist would be a twist but in line with how Kratos tries to defy Fate.

Ra –

If Kratos is to go up against Apophis, it only makes sense that Ra would be at his side. Like Horus, Ra has a falcon’s head and is associated with the sun. Specifically, Ra rides the Atet Boat across the sky during the day, and sails the rivers of the Duat at night, waging war against the great serpent Apep (also called Apophis). If Kratos is to adventure through the Egyptian underworld, I don’t see how he would not run into this all powerful god.

Thoth –

Thoth is an Ibis headed god of the moon, but also wisdom. As many fans have already noted, there are definitely parallels here with the norse god Mimir from previous games.

Personally I’d like to see the two compete for Kratos’ ear, and try to prove to him that they are the smarter god of wisdom. Could be good for a few laughs.


I think Sekhmet may be the closest we come to a God of War in the Egyptian pantheon. She is a lion headed goddess (also present in AC: Origins, but not really as big a player as Sobek) primarily known for her savagery and blood drinking. There is a myth in which Ra pacifies her by dying beer red. She gets so drunk thinking the beer is blood that she cannot continue on her killing spree.

In many cults she has a connection with the goddess Bastet, another feline goddess, and the daughter of Ra.

Some believed Sekhmet and Bastet to be two aspects of a single god, while others worshipped the goddesses as sisters. I think there could be some potential for trickery and betrayal if such a character was added.


Well, there you have it, seven gods it would be awesome to see in the next GoW game. I think the choices above are still pretty well known, but not so top-of-mind as to be in competition with other games, movies, or shows.

Of course, all of the things unrelated to gods and goddesses mentioned in 9 Things We Want to See in Marvel’s Moon Knight, would be great to see in a new GoW game as well. There is such a DEEP well of history and mythology to pull from that it might seem a bit overwhelming, but I know the folks developing the next GoW title will take their time and use care when crafting the game.

I can’t way to see what they come up with!

How about you all? Any gods, goddesses or monsters the new game should include? Did any of the deities listed above evoke a strong association with another kind of media? What other stories have these figures inhabited that are your favorites?

Please leave your answers in the comments. I LOVE talking about this stuff!


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