Archer Season 3 Recap.

Phew. We finally made it. The battle has been long and arduous, but we’ve finally made it through Season 3! And just in the nick of time too. So let’s get to it.

Favorite Episodes:

#28 El Contador – It seems to me that I just have a weak spot for jungle episodes. Which is weird because I would think that these types of missions have the most to do with actual spying (could be totally wrong though; never been an actual spy before), and the least to do with super glammed up, action packed, explosion filled (but also tuxedo and cocktail filled) type of spy plots we are usually exposed to. But don’t get me wrong, all those other things I said are totally awesome but . . . it seems to me that the writers take more time on the humor in the junglesodes. Or maybe the action is just a little more subdued. More creeping and crawling, which means less noise from explosions (or other awesomeness), which means the jokes have more time to sink in? I’m not sure, but what I do know is that I enjoy these episodes a great deal. Just watch El Contador it has the best jokes! Ok enough said there.

#29 The Limited – Now after everything I just said about ridiculously glammed up action sequences, my next favorite episode is just a glorified excuse to get Archer to fight on the top of a train. I suppose if we want to look at the Archer series as a satire of traditional spy tropes, than this episode definitely points out the ridiculousness of having a fight scene on the top of a train. How it makes little sense whatsoever that a villain should go onto the top of a train as means of escape (unless of course there is a helicopter; which there wasn’t), and how it is even more crazy that the hero should follow him up there. After saying all of that though, it is always a really cool/enjoyable action sequence. Also, the irony is not lost on me that the newest Bond movie, Skyfall, said to hell with being impractical, this is a James Bond movie and if we want to fight on a train then dammit we will fight on a train. Ok, I think that rant is over. I really enjoyed Skyfall and I also really enjoyed this episode as well. Also, we got to see Baboo again so . . . we should at least be excited about that. Oh and any excuse to make fun of Canada is a win in my book!

#’s 36 & 37 Space Race – Wow, I don’t believe we can say enough about the awesomness behind a mission in space. It was kind of a weird one but I’m told it was supposed to be a spoof on Moonraker (which I haven’t seen yet), but I’m also told that Moonraker itself was kind of a weird one too . . . so I guess it did what it was supposed to. I am a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see Archer fight Barry in the Alien robot suit thing. Maybe next time? Also enjoyed all the Starwars puns, which obviously needed to be made. My personal favorite was when Archere and crew look at Lana like she’s insane for wanting to jump in the trash shoot (did always think his was a bit strange in Starwars). Also, the R2 double D2 pun was pretty funny too.

Favorite Quotes:

Calzado: “Hunting the most Dangerous Game.”

Archer: “Jai alai?” – El Contador

Calzado: “Crocodiles on a three-wheeler?”

Archer: “Right how scary would that be!” – El Contador

Archer: ”  . . . a black astronaut Cyril. That’s like killing a unicorn!” – Space Race pt. II

Important Plot Points:

#’s 24 , 25 , & 26 The Heart of Archerness – These three episodes are good to watch because they set you up for season three. Archer runs away from home and ‘goes dark’ as you might say. He moves to an island where no one can find him. One of Malory’s old flames (a former ISIS agent) is finally able to track Archer down but is unable to bring him home by himself. The two get captured by pirates. They kill the Pirate King and Archer becomes the new one, which of course he loves. Eventually the discontented pirates mutiny and Archer must fend for himself. Malory sends Lana & Ray to help but they are captured too. Both Lana and Ray are shot but somehow everyone escapes. Ray is severely injured and by the real start of season 3, has to use a wheel chair to move (or so he leads everyone to believe). I’m assuming that the whole sequence is supposed to be referencing Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, but to be honest, it’s been so long since I read that book I’m not really sure how it applies.

# 27 The Man From Jupiter – In this episode, Archer finally gets to meet his spirit guide: Burt Reynolds! Who as it turns out is dating Malory. Malory keeps up the story that they are dating the whole season but they are never together which is odd.

# 31 Lo Scandalo – Archer and Lana come to Malory’s aid and find her sitting across the room from what looks like a very disturbing murder. Of Italy’s Prime Minister no less! (Apparently they don’t still use a king?) She swears that she didn’t do it, tells an elaborate story about what really happened and the whole gang plays a part in the cover up. Lana and Archer eventually do the math and find out that Malory must have been the real killer. They don’t try to puzzle out why and I get the feeling that it will hopefully be answered in season 4.

# 33 Crossing Over – Barry assumes control of the KGB and Maj. Jackov defects. By the end of the episode, Jackov is dead and we will never know whether or not he is Archer’s father as there is no DNA left to do the ‘Papa Test’.Also, Archer sleeps with Pam!!! (What-the-what?)

#34 Skin Game – One of Krieger’s little projects finally comes to fruition! (although admittedly, YYZ still eludes him) He has rebuilt Archer’s old lover Katya Kasanova. Archer takes her back, albeit after some serious thinking (but really just serious drinking) on his no robo-fiance. They are finally going to get married when Barry shows up to kill Archer. Katya again tries to defend Archer and amidst the tumble and adrenaline, ends up having sex with Barry. Her and Barry leave together, leaving Archer heartbroken again.

# Space Race – At the end of this episode, Archer and the rest of ISIS escape Barry one more time leaving Barry stuck on a spaceship. Archer appears to have a moment of clarity and actually shows he is capable of thinking of others. He does not fight Barry in the Mech-suit (yes the one from Alien) and the whole crew is shuttled back to earth. However, upon their final descent Archer decides that he wants to land the spaceship and crashes it pretty badly. Of course everyone at ISIS is severely injured except Archer (Barry may actually need the wheel chair now!).

Final thoughts/expectations for Season 4:

First and foremost, I feel that we will see Katya turned into a villain. After all, her lover Barry is stuck in space! Oh and I’m sure we will see Barry again. We still haven’t heard anything from Conway (which is not his real naaaammmeee!!!) so I’m wondering if he’ll come calling this season too. Other than that, I’m all ears . . . or I guess eyes really. Whatever. Can’t wait to see what Archer has in store for use tomorrow! Laters.

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