#SciFiMonth Wrap Up Whoo!

Seems like all the cool kids are using the banner so I figure I should probably use the banner . . . on my last post for the month . . .

Ok so I promised you all (because of the title) a wrap-up post and that’s what I’m gonna do. But first, I just want to wax poetic about how these kind of blog and Twitter and (thank god?) not yet Tiktok (just kidding I love Tiktok don’t kill meeee) “months” are the type of random fun that we fans LIVE FOR. So . . .

Thank you Always One More, and Imyril, for running this craziness. It can’t be easy.

Thank you everyone else who used the #SciFiMonth tag on twitter which is how I mostly found y’all . . .

And thank you for just liking SciFi nonsense as much as I do. I learned sooooo much this month. I hope I can actually get to half the stuff I added to my TBR pile (we’ll seeeee)

So . . . The Wrap Up?

Right!!! Below you will find all of the Sci Fi related stuff that I posted during the month. And then below that you’ll see some posts which I particularly enjoyed (don’t worry if your post isn’t here. I still enjoyed it. It’s just that these were the ones I could think of off the top of my head).

My posts:

There were a couple others but A) I’m lazy and B) I’m not really sure they fit the bill.

So Other people’s Posts!

YES! Everyone who is doing the real work. Here are the posts I felt especially prescient:

I’m sure there were way more, and some of the best convos were tweets which I’m not sure how to really track down at the end of the month.

Anyway . . . .

Thank you #SciFiMonth for a great November!

I’m sure I’ll see you all soon!

3 thoughts on “#SciFiMonth Wrap Up Whoo!

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  2. It was a really good scifi month. So good in fact that I am continuing into December (yipppeee). I have loved finding all of these awesome recommendations and I’m glad you had a great reading month too. I am a huge sci fi fan, I also love fantasy and alternative history. The last genre is sorely lacking in my opinion. My BEST book find of November was “Moon People:The Journals of Lordiah” by Dixon Troyer(https://moonpeoplebook.com/). This novel presents the “real” history of Earth. Covering the gambit from true history, ancient myths, biblical tales and modern conspiracy theories, this book has it all. The author has clearly done his homework and presents each fictional story with a level of confidence I have yet to see in the genre. Everything from Noah’s ark to the moon landing is given the alternative history treatment, sometimes its satirical and funny, sometimes has a bit more of a serious vibe. Regardless of the flavor, it is always interesting and fun. Take a trip down this rabbit hole (or perhaps next Scifi Month?)

    • Moon People does look pretty goofy. Maybe I’ll give it a shot after I knock a few other things of this TBR lol.
      Cool that you’re continuing #scifimonth. I’m gonna continuing reading sci-fi (cause that’s my jam) but def gonna take a break from trying to complete challenges (although I see VintageSciFiMonth is only a month away lol) Good luck! And let me know how it goes!!

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