New Fiction: Boutilier House for newsletter subscribers Oct 31st!

Hey all,

This post is pretty much right what it says in the title. My newsletter will be sent out October 31st, and it’s gonna be packed full of the nonsense that is my life and writing.

Also, it will contain a new short story I’ve been working on, Boutilier House. You can have access to said short story if you sign up before October 31st 2021 (when the newsletter will be sent out).

If you’re a discerning reader, and would like to try before you buy (to be clear this is a free newsletter), you can check out the sample newsletter I posted back in July. It also had some exclusive fiction, titled Master of Secrets, set in my Egypt and Dinosaur universe. (if you’re curious what the hell that is, look no further than ICYMI: Narmer and the God Beast Live on Amazon! It not only contains a link to an already published short story, but also all the links and info you could ever need to know about what inspired this crazy idea).

But if you’re like “Hey! Halloween is coming!” and are more in the mood for haunted nonsense, you’ll definitely be more interested in Boutilier House. Essentially, it’s the story of a Victorian Age gentleman who is cajoled by his father-in-law to leave his wife and kid behind to investigate the methods of a ‘perfect house’, built by a mysterious inventor, which will see to your every need. He discovers there is more at play in Boutilier House than fancy tech, and he’ll need to unravel all of the house’s secrets in order to save himself and the family he thought safely at home . . .

I posted a preview of Boutilier House a few weeks ago, and a little glimpse into my revision process just last Friday.

But to get the full and complete story of Boutilier House, you’ll need to (of course) sign up for my newsletter before October 31st 2021!

Ok. That’s the last I’m gonna harp on that. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. Are you intrigued? Why or why not? Thanks again and I’ll see you all next week (Or maybe Sunday if you sign up!).

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