Work In Progress Tease: Beqsu takes a Leap

I don’t have any new fiction ready for today. The next Max story is going to unfold over three parts (though hopefully each individual part will read as a complete story like I tried to do with Teamwork (Part 1): Phase Feathers and Teamwork (Part 2): The Twelve-Eyed Starer) and so I don’t want to post anything until all three are done.

But there’s been little adventuring happening in Max’s world recently as I’ve sort of put him aside for a bit to try and flesh out some more stories in the world of my main WIP. I have a short story already finished but I’m waiting for artwork, and a first draft of a novel which I’ve finally sent to my writing group for feedback. In the meantime, I’m trying to prepare something in an episode format, maybe for Kindle Vella.

Here’s a screenshot from my Scrivener document which hopefully is tease-y but doesn’t give away too much. Please let me know in the comments if you like this kind of thing and if I should do more teasers like this in the future. Here it is:

Hey again! If somehow this tiny tease of my WIP, and general update as to my writing life happened capture your interest, please consider subscribing to my newsletter. I’ll do a post every quarter (expect the first one July 1st!) that fills you in completely on what I’ve been up to and send you the first story I ever wrote, about a Warlock Doctor. Or, check out my other fiction I’ve posted here on A&A. 

Thanks for stopping by, and see you next time!

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