#WyrdAndWonder Kickoff post!

IMAGE CREDIT: pegasus images by Svetlana Alyuk on 123RF.com

Hey all, so there’s this thing that happens in May called Wyrd & Wonder, in which fans of Fantasy Lit from across the internet get together and celebrate this awesome genre. I’ve watched from the sidelines in years past, enjoying all of these wonderful blog posts and twitter threads, but this year, since I’m blogging again, I thought it might be cool to participate.

I typically post reviews on Wednesdays, so I’ll continue to do that, but I’ll try to keep them as Fantasy genre related as possible. For anybody following my long list of Hugo contenders, you’ll notice that most of them are on that list too (double duty!) and some are even Hugo Finalists (triple duty!).

I will also try to post a response to one of their challenge posts. Mostly this will be on Mondays, but there will be a couple other random days as well, if I have time, or because I thought the challenge prompt was cool.

Finally, if for whatever reason, you actually come to this blog to read my fiction, I’ll continue to post new fiction on Fridays. I cannot promise that these stories are considered ‘fantasy’, but most of them so far have involved made-up animals so . . . that seems pretty fantastical to me.

Below is my plan as it currently stands. I’ll revise the titles and provide links here as I do the writing for this. We’ll see how this goes . . . Very excited to be a part of it all. Thank you @deargeekplace, @imyril & @joriestory for putting this together! Can’t wait to see how this goes . . .

Here’s the list:
May 3rd – #MapMonday: Using Emerging Tech for Fictional Maps
May 5th – Should ‘Black Sun’ get a Hugo?
May 9th – Spine Poetry for Mother’s Day*Failed this one as alas, I spent the entire weekend at the beach with mom. Plus my book shelf is not suited for this challenge AT ALL. Gotta work on buying some Titles that aren’t so ‘in world’. Oh well.
May 10th – Mixed feelings: The Truth About Dinosaur Lords
May 12th – Review: Song of Achilles
May 17th – Can’t Wait to read! (twitter post) and Desert Island Reads (catching up from last Wednesday)
May 19th – Review: Silver in the Wood
May 24th – TBR: 11 Fantasy Books I should have read by now
May 26th – Review: Empire of Gold – deadlines are the worst. I spent the time I could have been working on this trying to finish up editing for my WIP to submit to critiques. I got it done (sorta) and sent it off . . . fingers are crossed it’s goes well. I’ll still review Empire of Gold at some point but just not for #WyrdAndWonder
May 31st – Wyrd and Wonder Wrap up Post!

Enjoy! and feel free to leave comments on what you’re most looking forward to this May for Wyrd and Wonder.

11 thoughts on “#WyrdAndWonder Kickoff post!

  1. Hallo, Hallo James,

    You definitely take the most inventive blog name I’ve stumbled across in a long while award! I like though because its hard not to muse about the origins and what others might have thought when they came across it themselves. I wanted to welcome you to Wyrd And Wonder – as it is quite exciting moving into our fourth year of hosting! I can’t believe its been four years if truth be told and this year, we’re just shy of 100 fantastical adventurers, isn’t that grand!?

    Ooh how delightful – you’ve been stalking our feeds and now you get to join us officially yourself! I love whenever i hear this – as sometimes, some years the timing just isn’t right – so I’m thrilled you get to be a part of the community now. It is filled with so many friendly bookish spirits – you’ll love routing yourself through the blogs and seeing the content alighting everywhere from #booktwt to #bookstagram to Litsy!

    Speaking of #spinepoetry, I have a feeling I might attempt one myself – clever you decided to go with one for Mum’s Day! I started trying these myself a few years ago during #SciFiMonth and I must say, their quite fun to assemble.

    Over our first weekend, I’ve released 2x reviews (ie. MG Fantasy, one was an audioreads!) and my Year 4 Intro Post as well. I disclosed some of my TBR this month and answered the first prompt, too! I’ll be doing a lot of reviews throughout our event and adding other posts betwixt and between them whilst sorting out the book bingo card, the prompts (which don’t have to be done daily) and enjoying our group RAL.

    However which way you find yourself enjoying the fantastical this May, I’m glad you’ve joined us. Will look forward to seeing your content! Don’t forget to add those links to our Master Log and tag us on #booktwt!!

    • Glad to be here! I’ll definitely check out the #booktwt tag and make sure my links get added as I write the content (Master log is such a good idea!)

      • Hallo James,

        A quick follow-up… I hadn’t realised it but the attribution for the Wyrd And Wonder banner is missing from your post. This was required if anyone used it on their blog and you find it on Imyril’s blog – she always puts it in her footer on the posts. If you could add that on this post, we’d appreciate it (and all the posts you feature it on).

      • Hey! Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t mean anything by it, just simply forgot. Anyway, I think it’s added properly now. I’ll make sure to do so in the future too! Thanks again!

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  3. Re: Mother’s Day/spine poetry, spending the day with your mom definitely trumps posting for a book blog. And I have trouble making poetry out of my book spines too–way too many nouns, nowhere near enough verbs.

    • Thanks! I thought so too! As for the titles, idk if this is cheating but I might just compose the poem next year and then go buy the books I reference and then stack em up hahah. Now I just have to learn something about poetry . . .

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