My Hugo Nomination – Plot Twist!

Image from Michi Trota on Encyclopedia Britannica

So, today is the big day! Or perhaps more correctly put, the last day in which we can nominate who we think should possibly win a Hugo award. I’ve been doing some posts leading up to the nomination, in which I essentially review books and say whether or not they’re the books I’m going to nominate. I was thinking it would be cool, and somewhat dramatic, to go through the books and close in on the final title.

The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow, was looking like the front runner, but I hadn’t yet had a chance to review The Space Between Worlds by Micaiah Johnson, which has been causing me to doubt my earlier choice. I wasn’t sure how I was going to rectify this situation (partially why it’s taken me so long to post the review although it’s mostly laziness on my part).

The Twist?

Yes! The Twist! I logged in today, still unsure who I was going to pick. Then to my complete and utter surprise, when confronted with the form, I learned that you can submit up to five titles for the award! Oh happy day! I like nothing more than to defer decision making as long as possible.

So, to answer the question of who I nominated for the 2020 Hugo award, my answer is three:

You’ll notice that I could have also added Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson, and Network Effect by Martha Wells, but as I discussed in previous posts, I just don’t think they’re the right choices. So, I only used three of my five options.

I’ll make sure to have the Micaiah Johnson review up next week, and then from there, I’ll continue working through my list until the finalists are announced, and then I’ll rush to try and read them before voting for the winner happens. I’m very anxious to see who the finalists will be. Hopefully somebody I picked!

Anyway, until next time . . .

PS: Have a nominee in mind? Post them in the comments. It might be too late to get them on the ballot, but I’m still always curious to read good books I haven’t yet heard of.

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