I’m Baaaackkkk!

Apparently, it’s been nearly two years since I posted on this old bloggo, and a lot has happened in that time. I’ve grown older. I’ve gained experience! I have gray in beard now!

And while this blog may have been sitting idle, I have not! I have grown as a person. I have lived!

In my youth, I was but a boy, naively typing away at this keyboard to bring the world reviews of cool books I had read, or my experience at a convention or perhaps — when scraping at the bottom of the barrel — a picture of a cute dog I’d seen. In essence, any random nonsense I wanted to write about.

But now . . . Now everything has changed. Now I have gone to the top of the mountain, and returned with words, and better yet, the correct order in which to write them. From now on, this blog will be about:

cool books I’ve read . . .
my experience as a fan of SF and Fantasy (which will likely include conventions if this pandemic ever ends). . .
or perhaps — when I don’t know what to write about — a picture of a cute dog I’ve seen!

Hmm. Well I guess those are the same things as before. But now I’m older . . . and I got a new keyboard so that has to count for something.

Anyway, a sharp observer will notice that two new sections have been added to the top menu, the first being Fiction, and the second being Making. These are currently, ‘under construction’ so to speak, but I’m hoping to have some content for you soon.

As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t been completely idle during the last two years. I’ve picked up fiction writing as a hobby, and am hoping to be able to share some of what I’ve written to the world once I’m not terrified of letting the world see it. Hopefully that day will be soon.

And making will just be whatever random nonsense I manage to build with a 3D printer. I’m hoping that having a section of it on the menu will inspire me to pursue the hobby.

Anyway, stay tuned for some (hopefully) exciting new posts coming down the way. And here’s Aerosmith so you’ll know how to properly read the title:


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