More like GREAT Shabti!

That's my SIGNED copy and two chap books it shipped with. One is from Will Hill, and the other from Tiffany Angus

That’s my SIGNED copy and two chap books it shipped with. One is from Will Hill, and the other from Tiffany Angus

Hello all. It’s been a really long time since I posted anything on here but I was writing something for a goodreads review and decided just to post it here also. It’s about Robert Sharp’s novella(?) The Good Shabti. Hope it helps and please boost the signal on this one. Thanks! Here goes:

I really enjoyed The Good Shabti. I’ve been looking around for something like this for a while now and here’s why:

Stories involving ancient Egypt (and Mummies!) seem far and few between these days. It’s as if we have collectively put them into a neat little box (coffin?) and said “These stories are no longer interesting. We’ve added pyramids and scarabs and mummies to the classic “adventure” novel in as many ways as we know how and that type of thing is . . . well it’s antiquated and therefore not of use to us. Stories involving ancient Egypt are no longer any use to us.”

The Good Shabti doesn’t use that formula. The Good Shabti takes a stance more like: “We tell different types of stories now. Sure we do. And they’re good . . . But that doesn’t mean they still can’t have Mummies!”

It was truly refreshing. Plus, if you stick through until the end, there is a pretty powerful afterword by John J. Johnston who’s Vice-Chair of the Egypt Exploration Society. Really puts the story into context and adds to the experience. While reading The Good Shabti, I couldn’t help but notice how accurate . . . maybe true (or real) is a better descriptor, the “Egypt” parts of the novel felt. You better believe the author was crossing his T’s and dotting his Anubis Heads with the Egypt Exploration Society watching.

Needless to say, I really want to boost the signal for this book. I hope we see more like it soon.

That’s all for now! Laters!


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