Orcs, Bears, and Assholes!

So here’s the deal. It’s probably been about a month or so since I posted, and it’s simply time to get back on the horse. I’m weeks behind on my Archer posts and haven’t watched The Americans in a few weeks either so . . . what to post about.

Another book review? Takes too long. Trying to post each week. Can’t finish a book in a week and do everything else at the same time.

Start a new TV series and try to post about that? Ugh too inflexible with the scheduling. Always have to watch when I’m free and then usually am not free afterwards to write. So when am I free?

Sundays. There are a bunch of good shows on Sundays. The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones is coming back soon. And Mad Men!! But all of those shows have had multiple seasons and to try to do another recap series is probably not the way to go.

I’ve been reading John Scalzi’s serial every tuesday, but it looks like Ron Hogan has already got the lock on that. (He does some good posts about The Human Division and has got a lot of insider info which is nice.)

But that doesn’t mean I can’t do something similar. There aren’t any other serials around that I know of to review but . . . I could still review short fiction each week and it probs wouldn’t take that long for me to do.

So that’s what this post is. My first short fiction review!! Ok don’t get too excited. The story is called Orcs, Bears, and Assholes and it’s by Robert Bevan. Intriguing title right? Just wait until I tell you the premise. It’s about a couple of kids who end up inside a role playing game (I’m assuming this all has something to do with D&D. He sets up the whole thing in another story called Critical Failures which I haven’t read yet but certainly plan to) and have to survive the game. In this short, our friends Cooper, Julian, Dave and Tim realize that the treasure map they’ve been following is completely bogus. When they try to make their way back to town, they are warned about a pack of orcs blocking the road and robbing travelers. Since they need to use the road, they are gonna have to face the orcs, but believe me when I say that they are certainly trying to avoid it at all costs. Oh and a bear shows up, and they run into a group jerks who tell them to get lost as the group tries to help (god what assholes right?).

Anyway, the whole thing unfolds in a pretty hilarious way with most of the humor coming from applying some of the sillier aspects of role-playing games to real life. I always hoped that somebody would apply this type of thing to literature and finally I’ve found a good example of it. I’m sure there are more but this one was especially comedic. Plus, it’s only 99 cents on Amazon, so no skin off your back if you end up not liking it. But I think you will.

Anyway, this week’s short, incase you missed it, is Orcs, Bears, and Assholes by Robert Bevan. Go read it. And then come back next Monday for the next short (my free time is on Sunday so this ain’t getting posted til Monday). Also, sorry for being a little link happy this week. Just trying it out. Anyway. Laters!

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