Archer Season 4, Episode 4: The Midnight Ron

We’re back. Hurrrraaayyy. Archer last night was good. At the very least an interesting episode if not a little weird (don’t make it weird). Here is essentially what happens:

Archer is stuck in Montreal without his passport (he lit it on fire?). Of course Malory is pissed. Not only is Ron (her new hubby) in . . . Canada too? (I’m not going to try to look up the town sorry) but they are going to the opera in New York so he better get moving. Ron hears that Archer is in Montreal and decides to pick him up and sneak him over the border. We’re finding out slowly that Ron Cadillac is not quite as boring as he seems. Anyway, Ron puts Archer in the trunk and they go through the border without any problems. After three hours or so, Archer gets upset that he is still in the back of Ron’s trunk. Ron says he can’t pull over to let him out because: “They always hit me when I go through [some other Canadian town I’ve never heard of]”. And sure enough some goons start attacking the car right at that moment. Archer fends them off but Ron isn’t able to drive under such pressure and ends up crashing their car (a Cadillac go figure). Archer and Ron hitch a ride with a truck driver who . . . also isn’t as boring as he seems. Apparently he is a cross dresser and takes Archer and Ron back to his warehouse for some ‘rapy’ type stuff with a bunch of other cross dresser dudes. Things aren’t looking good.

Archer keeps going on about some gypsy (the one Cheryl has been bringing up the last couple of seasons) and how in order to escape they need to make it rain. Ron has a briefcase full of money he’s been lugging around (I guess I kind of skimmed over the part where Ron is an old school gangster that used to boost cars for a living and owned a very successful chop shop) and Archer decides to through the money in the air and ‘make it rain’. This gets them exactly nowhere and they have to make a break for a passing train. Of course Archer gets on first (“God run like you are younger!”) and holds his hand out to help Ron. Only not really. He retracts the hand and gives Ron an ultimatum: divorce Malory or get left behind. Ron says some seemingly offensive stuff to Archer which surprisingly gets him to put his hand back out (something about Norman Bates?. . . I really need to actually watch Psycho). Archer pulls Ron aboard (only to have to jump off a little while later) and they go to one of Ron’s dealerships, pick up a new ride and Archer delivers Ron to the Opera on time and looking fresh. While in the car, Archer tries to say that because he helped Ron, it doesn’t mean that he likes him and that they’re friends. Then they both realize how upset Malory will get if they are buddy-buddy and they have another seemingly legitimate bonding moment.

This episode was mainly interesting to me because we got some development of Ron’s character. Considering he was sort of dropped into the series out of nowhere, it was nice to get a little tid bit. Also, this gypsy thing came up again. Hoping to see that play out more in the future. Unfortunately, we aren’t really any further along in terms plot involving any of the major villains in the series (Conway, Kasanova, Barry). Also, we haven’t heard anything from ODIN in a while. I’m assuming that Len Trexler is no longer running the place (last I remember seeing him, he was half brain-dead and severely attached to a rabbit), and Barry is still in space (maybe?) but regardless of where he is, he’s probably busy running he KGB. Also, I don’t know why but I still want to see Conway make a return to the stage . . . is that too much to ask?

Anyway, that’s all for now. See you laters!

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