Archer Season 1 Recap.

So there is only three more days until Season 4 of Archer, one of my favorite shows, airs this Thursday on FX. So naturally, in order to get into the right mind-set and make sure I am up to date with all of the episodes, I decided to re-watch the series. Below I’ve listed my favorite episodes, my favorite quips/quotes, and some plot points which I feel are important. So in case your behind or just want to reminisce season 1 please enjoy!

Favorite episodes:

#1 The Mole Hunt- This is our first Archer experience! While I’m not entirely certain as to when my first episode of Archer was watched, I can tell you that this episode does exactly what it is supposed to . . . it embodies all of the aspects of the show which we will come to love in future episodes, but does it in a way which doesn’t give the whole game away too early. The basic plot of the episode is as follows: Archer is confronted about his expense account which he has been abusing (perhaps at whore island?) and in order to rectify the situation, Archer must break into the ISIS mainframe. I order to get in to the mainframe, Archer begins asking around, trying to get various people to let him into the mainframe, pretending that he is conducting a mole hunt, and for some reason, mainframe access will allow him to narrow down the search pool. Eventually he has to break in himself. Ironically, in his pretend search for the mole, he accidentally uncovers a real mole, who is forced to make his exit from the ISIS because of Archer’s snooping (God do we hate Pam). Krenshaw, the mole, makes moves to break into the ISIS mainframe and finds that Sterling has already done the task for him (Double irony). Lana comes to save the day but is too busy fighting with Archer to effectively stop the mole from escaping. In the final scene Krenshaw takes Malory captive, to which Archer responds by holding Lana captive (what?). After sufficient goading by Krenshaw about killing Mallory, Archer springs an erection which causes sufficient confusion to bring Krenshaw to justice and save the day! It’s all pretty ridiculous when you stop to think about it, but as we will soon come to find out . . . so is the whole series (and by that you mean awesome right?).

#7 Skytanic – I mostly just love this episode because of all the corny blimp jokes (‘they’re in the Led Zeppelin suite’ ‘the VON Zeppelin suite?’ ‘I’m sure that’s what I meant.’) Also, it is in many respects a good example of how Archer, as a show, uses lampshading for humorous effect. For example, near the end of the episode, Lana must push a large bomb off the blimp. The pallet is too large for Lana to move on her own and she requires help. First she looks to Archer, who is hopping around the cargo bay with a bullet hole in his foot, and of no use to anyone. Finally, Cyril shows up and helps Lana push the bomb out of the blimp. Cyril and Lana have been having trust and relationship issues all season but especially in this episode. Once the bomb is pushed off the blimp Lana exclaims “We made it! We made it!” to which Archer hops by saying “Yay for metaphors!!” That one always gets me.

# Dial M for Mother – This is the final episode from season 1 and it leaves us drooling for season two! I’m sure this whole episode is riddled with references to Dial M for Murder (not herpes) but as of yet, that movie has not found my Netflix que. We may have to revisit this reference later but we can still discuss why this episode is one of my favorites. Mostly because of the end. We finally see Sterling and Mallory share a mother/son bonding moment which we have all been waiting all season for. Albeit after he tries to kill her with a knife and she pumps him full of bullets. Call me a romantic, but I still found it touching.

Important Plot Points:

Diversity Hire – We get our first look at Cheryl’s weird fetishes which play an increasingly important if not hilarious role in the series as it progresses.

The Honey Pot – Sterling actually forms something of a bond of friendship with a Cuban secret agent which he is supposed to seduce in order to recover a sex tape of Mallory and Jackov. Unfortunately, the Cuban agent must go into hiding. Funniest part about the whole thing is that the other agent he is supposed to seduce is a gay man, which Sterling becomes surprisingly close to in a sexually ambiguous way.

Skorpio – Archer and Lana experience serious sexual tension in this episode. It almost seems as if they might get back together. All of this tension drives Cyril to sleep with Cheryl (or whatever), which will continuously place a wedge between him and Lana. We also learn that Maj. Jackov could be Archer’s father! (Also brings up an interesting point in the first episode. There is a character in Russian uniform that reports to Jackov who has extremely similar features to Archer. I don’t know if or when this is ever explained. I guess that’s why I’m doing the re-watch!)

Job Offer – Cyril continues to cling to Lana as she applies for a new job at ODIN. He is so distraught that she will be working for Barry, who Lana has some seemingly sexual history with, that he sleeps with one of the ODIN secretaries (or maybe it’s the head of HR. But she looks like a secretary). Also, we meet Barry, and Trexler. Archer seems to have history with Barry as well, resulting in some metal splints being put into Barry’s leg. Malory has history with Trexler which is a little more sexual in nature. It is later revealed that Trexler is another name on the ever-growing list of Archer’s potential fathers.

Dial M for Mother – Well I already mentioned the tender moment between Archer and Malory . . . so sweet. Also, Cyril and Lana’s relationship seems to be standing on its last legs. We’ll see what happens next season!

Funny quips/Quotes:

Archer: “Whats wrong with me? Nothing, you on the other hand have a bullet in you!” – The Mole Hunt.

Lana: “What don’t you understand about–”

     Archer: “The core concept, obviously!” – Skytanic.

Malory: “Immigrants! Driving around listening to raps and shooing all the jobs!” – Training Day.

Archer: “Karate? The Dane Cook of martial arts!” – Training Day.

Malory: “That’s what happens when you drink all day and skip lunch!” – Diversity Hire.


Well, that should pretty much catch you up on everything from season one. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a post for you on season two. Not sure if it will be the same format but probably will. Guess you’ll just have to check back tomorrow then. Now I have a lot of television to watch. Better get on with it! Bye for now.

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