Psh . . . Swearing is fine right?

It’s all about when to do it. When to let that bomb off. . .

Couldn’t resist.

And in all honesty, Kim’s got the right idea. Parenting is quite the task (I want to swear just thinking about it.). How strict is too strict? When is it not strict enough? What do you do to instill good values and avoid instilling some sort of trauma, which we can only regret when it is too late. It’s serious stuff.

Why so serious?

However, Kim’s book covers a variety of really ‘serious’ lessons and opinions without ever crossing into the dogmatic my-way-or-the-highway type rhetoric, which inflicts its own kind of trauma on the reader. Her work is light and funny. Her descriptions and anecdotes invite you into her life. They make you part of the family and let you in on some insight to a seemingly massive issue.

Also, the artwork compliments the title perfectly. Her daughter Amy’s illustrations are both fun and relevant. In this respect the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (great job!!).

I certainly recommend this read to anyone looking for some advice about swearing. I recommend it even if you’re not a parent. When you’re swearing, it really says a lot about you as a person and can put off a lot of people unintentionally. It’s certainly a lesson to learn, no matter what your age. Also, the book has good stories and great humor. Certainly a must read.

Great Job Amy on the Artwork!!

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